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iPod Classic White Screen but everything else works fine

Hey guys,

I have an iPod with 128GB SSD. This morning it suddenly dropped dead. I tried to reset it and the Apple logo appeared: everything back to normal.

But after about an hour when I pulled it out from my pocket it's dead again. The screen turned completely white and even if I reset it it's still white. I plugged it into my Mac and restored it, but the screen stayed white. As of this moment the iPod still works: clicker sound is still there and I can still play music. The computer recognizes the iPod and I can still use it as a disc.

I tried:

formatting it into FAT32.

reset and press Play+Select to enter disc mode

neither worked.

Anybody can give any advice? I'm really stuck. I'm trying to drain the battery so the entire logic board gets a fresh reboot now.

Thank you all for your time.

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azazkjkj, sounds like a bad LCD. The grey light only means that the backlight is still working. Once you disassemble your iPod, make sure that the display cable is still properly inserted and the the clip is properly securing the cable. If all that is okay, replace the LCD and see what you get.

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