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Model A1369, 1.6, 1.7, or 1.8 GHz Processor, 64, 128 or 256GB Flash Storage

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After drop, screen has transparent grey bar, can I fix?

I dropped my mackbook air after which the screen displays a vertical transparent grey bar across most of the screen width and some flickering lines at the top and bottom. I can still see enough to use it but the grey bar inhibiting.

When the background is white there is no apparent interference although the colours are a bit washed out under the grey bar. The problem is awful when the background colour is grey with many flickering horizontal lines.

I have checked the connector to the screen and it appears to be locked correctly.

Do I need to replace the display?

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Sorry to tell you your LCD screen has become damaged.

The driver chips have a bad solder joint or burn't and/or the flex circuit board that ties into the LCD has become dislodged from the fall.

In any case its' time for a new display. To verify this connect an external display to your system if the bars don't show up that verifies it.

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Thanks Steffen and Dan. I have checked with an external display and that looks fine. So I have to replace the screen again having only just replaced it a few months ago. Doh! how clumsy am I. :o(

Again many thanks


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Hi John,

It could be a software issue or a hardware problem. Check out this link.

My guess is that it is a hardware issue and the display got damaged. But check out the computer by connecting it to an external monitor first.


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