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Repair guides and support for top and front loading Whirlpool brand washers.

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Need Top Loading Whirlpool repair manual 4313896

I have a top loading 20 year old Whirlpool washing machine.

The agitator is rotating very slowly and I am hearing a grinding noise. I think this Agitator repair kit (17.80) may solve the problem.

What I need is the Repair Manual 4313896

Amazon wants $41.81 for it. I feel it should be free or come with the parts. Maybe I'm just cheap or biased after writing free manuals on this site.

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mayer, what is your washers model number?


I, too, may be (no, I AM) a cheapskate. But I have to agree that the service manual should always be provided as a customer service. My wtw5500sq0 started making a lot of noise tonight. While Whirlpool would capture the most revenue tomorrow by my buying a matching set of new machines (NO WAY I'd use a dryer that didn't match my washer), in the long run companies claim my money through support. If I can keep this thing running for another 20 years, I guarantee every washer I ever buy will be a Whirlpool. (Nevermind that a 25 year service life will limit my lifetime purchases to about 3 more washers, if I'm lucky.)

I know I'm not contributing much here, but mayer's post struck a chord, and I was compelled to spout off a bit and then thank all the contributors who make this site possible.

Thank you, mayer, and other contributors.


@oldturkey03 may be able to help find that. He's the master of manuals. This will notify him to look at the question.


@mayer sorry but the link posted by that person sure looked like an attempt to Spam


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Thanks Turkey, I installed the kit without a manual and it's working great.

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The site you linked has the manual for sale at $25.

That'll save you money over Amazon.

If you can identify the model of your washer you may be able to find a free manual here:

Good luck.

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