Dell Inspiron N5010 Series laptop comes with either Intel Core i3 330M or Core i7 740QM processor and can have a GMA 4500MHD or ATI Mobility Radeon HD 5650 adapter.

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First atikmpag.sys caused BSOD, Now 8 Beeps When I turn it on.

I had over heating problem with my laptop. Later I started getting blue screens.

  • atikmpag.sys – address FFFFF88003F98C48 base at FFFFF88003F92000

So after bluescreen sometimes it wont start, like some beeps in the start, but I was able to make it run after couple of tries.

Now its not even turning on. Just keeps beeping when I power it on. Black screen, no display. 8 Beeps I can hear.

Already tried Fixes:

1. Updated drivers, from Dell, Intel and AMD websites.

2. Updated BIOS.

3. Opened Laptop, Cleaned all the dust.

4. Replaced motherboard CMOS.

5. Tried to run on one RAM, Also removed the RAMs and put them back again.

Please help.

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Try following steps for this issue that might can help:

Check the cables of VGA, Mouse , Printer , Scanner and Keyboard for loose coupling at the back of computer box.

Determine if you changed anything recently.

The most common cause of the Blue Screen is a recent change in your computer’s settings or hardware. This is often related to new drivers getting installed or updated. Drivers are software that allow your hardware to communicate with Windows.

Check your computer’s internal hardware. Sometimes, a poor connection inside the computer can cause a Blue Screen. Open your case and check to make sure that all the cables are firmly connected and that any cards are seated firmly in their sockets.

This is more difficult for laptops. You can check the hard drive and the RAM to make sure that they are connected properly. Remove the panels in the back that cover the hard drive and RAM with a small Phillips-head screwdriver. Press the components firmly into their connections. This step is not recommended due to damage in customer device risk.

Check your computer’s temperature. Overheating can lead to your hardware malfunctioning. One of the most common components to overheat is the graphics card. In BIOS post test the computer shows on black screen at start up the temperature conditions of computer box. To check it customer can restart the computer and on first screen top right or left corner will show the information of temperature. If it is more than 40 celcius then it is more likely to crash the computer. Reseat the computer in a more cooler place i.e top of the table and away from the wall for venting purpose. The malfunction of processor fan can also be the reason.

Test your RAM. A common culprit in system crashes is a bad stick of RAM. When RAM fails, it causes the system to become unstable. Open the box unplug it from the Slot Remove the RAM clean it for carbon and dust particles and plug it back on make sure when you plug it back you hear the click sound.

Test your hard drive. Run the “chkdsk” function on your hard drive to scan for errors and fix potential problems. A failing hard drive can cause Blue Screens due to corrupted files. To run chkdsk, open command prompt and type CHKDSK entre.

Strip your computer down to the essentials. This is possible on desktop pcs that take out all hardware including hardisk, keyboard, mouse etc and start plugin them one by one until error comes again.

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Faheem Ahmad, 8 beeps is indicative of video failure. Hook it up to an external monitor. If the video is fine when the laptop is connected to an external monitor, but you are not getting any video on the laptop LCD, you have an LCD failure. Hope this helps, good luck.

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VGA is dying. Your options : reflow , or reballing(better than reflow) or replacing mboard

Hard but true.. Good luck.

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If you really want to overcome the issue of bsod then you must have to click here to recover your bug.

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