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Battery replacment. But not charging or can't restore

Hi Crew, I've carried out the process of replacing the battery for my ipod touch Gen 5 (16GB, no camera). But the battery doesn't seem to be holding charge. I've tried wall charger, at the moment I have the ipod plugged into my mac. I've put it in DUF Mode and downloaded update using itunes. Problem during restore itunes extracts the update, but then ipod shuts off and i get error. Any ideas....?

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I'd recheck my solder joints..


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FIXED - I de-soldered the battery from the ipod touch, I then carried out the process of soldering a USB cable directly to the battery. Then Charger 5V - 500mA for 10mins to get the battery out of dead mode. Then re-soldered the battery back. And all is working, holding charge performed successful update.

Please take note -- Don't use the manual reset process of shorting out + battery with ground as this seemed to freeze the ipod

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I'm dealing with the same problem, ipod touch 5 battery was shot, so I bought new battery, installed it, went to go plug it in and nothing, the Apple logo lit up for like 4-5 seconds then turned off, I unplugged then plugged back in, and all I can get is the red battery dead screen, want to try Hobby1's idea but don't know which wires out of a usb cable to solder on to which battery contact, and don't wanna blow new battery trying to figure out which contact is which and have to wait to order another new battery.

plz help

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