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The first generation Honda CRV, produced from 1995 to 2001.

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Is my windshield fluid squirter jammed, or something more?

I have a Honda CR-V (2000), and have been having trouble with the windshield fluid squirter; namely, it doesn't squirt. When I try to use it, the wiper blades activate as normal, but no fluid will come out. I did a Very cursory once over (I am Not an automotive whiz chick <yet>), the rubber tubing leading to the squirter didn't seem jammed, though I haven't been able to get all the way down to where it meets the reservoir just yet. Is there an easy way to determine if this is a clog, or something more serious? If I blast some compressed air through the tubing, could that help? Or am I running the risk of doing damage of some sort?

Thanks in Advance, you guys are Awesome!

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Jakabird, try to remove the tubing from the sprayer nozzle and then activate your washer. If the water comes out, the problem is with the nozzle. Sometimes you can clean the small opening with a needle or safety pin, sometimes you need to replace it, depends. If no water comes out of the tubing, check the pump and connection on your reservoir for any leaks etc. and of course do make sure that you have washer fluid in the reservoir. Let us know what you find,

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