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Model A1236 / 4 or 8 GB capacity

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Nano 3g doesn't work after battery replacement

Just installed a new battery. Did a complete reset, have latest firmware and laqtest itunes. Shows charging, left on all night, shows charge complete. When disconnected from chArger, shuts down. In diagnostic mode, battery charger shows 100mAh w/ 2.5 volts. I'm guessing bad solder connection, or bad "new" battery. BTW, which wire is the charging wire, white, red or black? Any way to check voltage when charging with back cover off. I know it's risky but it would be nice to check connections before I have the back cover replaced. BTW, the ipod operates perfectly when plugged in. Thanks.

added: What would be a reasonable voltage on a new battery before install to check for a bad one?

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I took a look at the solder connections with a magnifying glass and there was one small strand of wire touching the screw next to the black wire. It was causing a ground/short. I redid the solder connection, applied some silicone over all the solder points and it's fixed. Thanks for your comments.


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Please make sure the battery you replaced is the exact same one. Battery upgrades are difficult and can leave your device inoperable.

This is the OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) Part for the Nano 3rd Gen:

iPod nano (3rd Gen) Replacement Battery

See Step 15 to know where to solder the wires in the correct place:

iPod Nano 3rd Generation Battery Replacement

Good luck!


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