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Revamped version of the iPhone 3G with faster processing speeds. Repair of this device is similar to the 3G, and requires simple screwdrivers and prying tools. Model A1303 / 16 or 32 GB capacity / black or white plastic back.

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home button not working after front display instal

I recently bought just the back side of an iphone 3gs for AT&T (not sure if that matters) and I bought a full iphone 3 gs front assembly kit (not through Ifixit) and after installation the touch screen works, the picture comes in crystal clear, but my home button isn't working, help!!

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The home button is installed in the mid frame assembly that holds the LCD and Digitizer. The home button has two small pins that sit on top of the Dock connector when the screen is installed which is how the home button makes contact and works.

If the pins are bent or would need to pop the lcd out, heat and pry the glass off the frame and then replace the home button. If the pins are in good can test to see if its a Dock issue but opening the screen up, but leaving it plugged in. While the phone is on...use a small screwdriver to touch one of the metal pads on top of the dock where the home button pins make contact....and touch the shaft of the screwdriver to the metal (chrome color) rim around the back housing. If it makes the home button actuate on the phone...then the issue is with the button itself and you should just replace the button. If it wont even actuate the home button activity on the phone from the dock....then the dock is bad and needs replaced. You can try cleaning those contacts and pins first, but normally it just needs replaced.

Hope this helps

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