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A 10-inch tablet co-created by Google and Samsung for the Nexus product line.

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(FOUND: CASE CLOSED) Searching for power plus volume flex cable part

Hello, I am in desperate search for this part for my tablet. I need the volume and power flex cable for my Google nexus 10 16GB, i have searched Google and came across 2 places that carry them but they are out of stock. I don't want to pay Samsung $75 to repair it, I would rather buy the part and fix myself. Maybe someone knows a distant dark place in the internet that has them. I have checked Ebay, and have a saved search that alerts me when any new parts come available.

(7/15/13: It turned up on eBay finally!!)

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Hi !

eBay is a really nice place to own parts. I absolutely do not know of what nexus 10 is made of but you will certainly find what you need in here.

Hoping to have helped you,

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Thanks Vincent, but yes, I check Ebay every day for it, even have a saved search that alerts me of any new Nexus 10 parts. They have speakers and other parts, but not what I need.


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