The Samsung Galaxy S II is a smartphone designed, developed, and marketed by Samsung Electronics with Android 2.3 "Gingerbread."

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Weak or no mobile network connection after water bath


After I accidentally dropped my S2 for ~1-2 seconds in water, I could fix problems like the not working Usb port and power button with a soldering bolt and a new usb socket. The system itself runs fine.

The last problem I face is that I have flawed connection to my carrier. I have maximum 1-2 bars of connection, but also recurring connection losses. As a result phone calls are impossible to do in short time.

What can I do to fix the antenna?

Best regards

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I ordered a new antenna via amazon for 10 bucks. I hope this helps.



The new antenna fixes the problem. It seems that not the old usb socket, but the antenna caused the usb connection problems. With the new usb socket I got the weak mobile connection. Now i replaced the new usb socket with the old and the old antenna with the new. Now everything seems to work fine.


hi i have the same problem,but my phone was not dropped in water.

can you tell me where is the antenna in the phone.thanks


It's at the bottom.


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Glad to see that your phone works again. Fortunately, water accidents can be fixed another way. Some shops can try to take a deoxidizer bath to your phone. This worked in my family with an iPhone incidentally dropped in water and no longer detecting any WiFi network or SIM card

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Hello Christoph, what antenna you ordered on amazon?

I have the same problem: weak carrier connection.

hope you can help me,

lorenzo (lorenzo at lucioni dot it)

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