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Hardware diagnostics service software


I started a little bit trading with iPhones. Is there any way how can I make hardware check - diagnostics of problems by some software?

And what repair services use when they provide "diagnostics" service.

Thank you

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my iphone 6 shut off just like that and now it only comes on when i plug the cable in, but this the logo come on and then cuts off. i started it up in dfu mode and restored it but its just saying error 4005. what should i do?


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radesek, here is my answer to a very similar question:" You could check on here and see if that will help you a bit. "It’s called the iPhone Configuration Utility, which allows you to examine logs from your iPhone or iPod Touch, to apply configuration and provisioning profiles, and more. The tool is very interesting!" from here I believe the software you are thinking of is called "Behavior Scan" More info about it on here and here. I would also like to recommend the iPhone Troubleshooting Guide compiled by one of the users on here. Hope this helps, good luck.

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Thank you, but I already read this information. The problem is, that I think iPhone Configuration Utility is not exactly what I am looking for and that Behavior Scan somehow cant be accesed without login of Apple employee right?

I need software that will test hardware things like working wifi, camera, jack and stuff like this. Is it possible?


Can be this a sollution? Problem is I can not be sure with it, since my iphone does not have panicplist entry.


I do not think that there is any diagnostic software that is available for an end user, that will tell you exactly what is wrong with the iPhone. That would be to easy;-) From what I've read if your phone shows panic.plist. then you may have a hardware error, not very descriptive.


Where to look for that panic.plist file?


is there any point having a website with all dead links


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Phone doctor plus in the app store, however contact the developer for business solution.

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I'm using Battery Health - Your Battery Doctor app in the app store, very nice app

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