How to put vbelt on my craftsman 917271825 and clutch cable

Need to know how to put v belt and clutch cable . On my mower deck on my craftsman LT 1000 riding mower model # 917271825 PLEASE help very new at doing this. Thanks and God bless for your help.

Clutch cable part # 169676 and when I go and try to put vbelt on mower deck it seems, like it's to small do I go buy bigger belt cause the . I got is for a 42" mower deck what the secret PLEASE help never done this before and want to learn how. Thanks . God . Bless . Ya all...

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Dylan Olson, try this for the belt.


The mower blade drive belt may be replaced without tools, Park the tractor on

level surface. Engage parking brake,


1, Remove mower from tractor (See "TO REMOVE MOWER" in this section of this manual).

2, Work belt off both mandrel pulleys and idler pulleys.

3, Pull belt away from mower.


4. Install new belt in reverse order of removal.

5, Make sure belt is in all pulley grooves and inside all belt guides.

6. Install mower in reverse order of removal instructions.

Block Image



Mower will be easier to remove from the right side of tractor.

1. Place attachment clutch in "DISENGAGED" position.

2. Move attachment lift lever forward to lower mower to its lowest position,

3. Roll belt off engine pulley,

4. Remove small retainer spring, and lift clutch spring off pulley bolt.

5. Remove large retainer spring, slide collar off and push housing guide out of bracket.

6. Disconnect anti-swaybar from chassis bracket by removing retainer spring,

7. Disconnect suspension arms from rear deck brackets by removing retainer springs.

8. Disconnect front links from deck by removing retainer springs.

9. Raise lift lever to raise suspension arms. Slide mower out from under tractor.

IMPORTANT: If an attachment other than the mower deck is to be mounted on the

tractor, remove the front links and hook the clutch spring Into square hole in frame.


1. Raise attachment lift lever to its highest position.

2. Slide mower under tractor with deflector shield to right side of tractor.

3. Lower lift lever to its lowest position.

4. Install mower in reverse order of removal instructions.

Block Image

Clutch cable update

Here is the image for the clutch cable

Block Image

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You can download the manual here.

When you get to the page, enter the captcha shown and the download link will appear above where you entered the captcha. Watch out for big "Download" buttons, as google ads trick a lot of people into downloading something totally irrelevant to what was intended.

The belt diagram is on page 23.

You may need to zoom in quite a bit, it's all in black and white... kind of hard to make out, but it pretty much shows the direction around each pulley.

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Having difficulty connecting cable to lever! There are 2 holes on plastic piece on lever. And a groove yet no reciprocal end on cable. What have I done wrong?

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