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Can I use ethyl alcohol to clean a logic-board?

I can't find isopropyl alcohol in my country so I want to know if I can use ethyl alcohol instead, to submerge the logic-board?

Also I am not able to purchase the Precision Screw Extractor Set, is there any other way of removing those rusty/stripped screws?

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Diego Lo, if in an absolute bind, yes you could use ethyl alcohol. Just make sure it does have a high proof and does not contain other chemicals. Unlike ethyl alcohol, isopropyl will separate when in a mixture (water for example). It will also evaporate easier than ethyl alcohol. You can also just clean the board with distilled or sterile water. Most regular dirt can be cleaned with sterile water well enough. Make sure that whatever you are cleaning does not have any power connection, and that you do not power it back up until the board is absolutely dry. Hope this helps, good luck.

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You are completely wrong. Ethanol has a lower boiling point compared to isopropanol thus ethanol will evaporate quicker. Also isopropanol is miscible with water hence you can find 50 61 70 91% isopropanol/water mixtures.


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It's OK as long as there's not to much water in it.

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Use a hair dryer to dry the board once you're done. Keep the dryer moving to avoid overheating any component.

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