I have a CD-Rom stuck in my DVD/CD drive.

I press the eject button and the CD remains in the dirve

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did you look ito the manual to see the ways of ejecting the CD - I would think you did ...


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turn off the computer then turn it back on and as the computer is coming back on hold left click down

ps- press the power button then immediatly hold down the click button, don't wait for anything

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if above did not work here's another thing to try: boot the machine into Open Firmware by doing the following:

1. restart the machine, and immediately hold down these 4 keys simultaneously: Cmd-Option-O-F (that's a letter O, not a numeral zero before the F)

the machine should boot but show a white screen instead of the normal Mac OS

2. at the prompt, type: eject cd then press Return

this should hopefully eject the disc and show OK on the screen.

3. at the prompt, type: mac-boot then press Return

your machine should boot normally

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Check this hint:


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Actually, one more thing, this has worked whenever I've had stuck disks, verify the hard disk, and run the drutil -eject shell command at the same time.

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