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Keyboard on Permanent Repeat - stuck keys?!


My A1260 MBP seems to periodically have an issue where the space bar will act like it is being pressed down when in actuality it is not. It makes a repeating "ding" sound. This laptop is used as a desktop so the display is always shut and an monitor is connected to it. It hasn't been taken out in ages.

I have an external Bluetooth keyboard connected so I thought that was the issue but the issue persists even when the keyboard is disconnected. Firmly tapping the MBP space bar temporarily stops it but the problem seems to resurface again down the line spontaneously without the space bar even being pressed.

I have tried creating a second user account and logging out while the issue is active but then get a bunch of dots on the password field and the dinging sound (again).

I am thinking this is going to require a replacement of the top case. Or would replacing the keyboard be the better/cheaper route? Any suggestions?

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Dan, I don't think that a spring jumping out of its slot is the issue. The space bar is flush with all the other keys and pops back up after it is pressed. There is no evidence that it is stuck. It's almost as if the space bar is not being pressed at all. I rarely use the MBP's keyboard as well. This leads me to the conclusion the keyboard may have inexplicably gone bad.


I have the same problem. While watching a YT-video this repeting thing starts out of the blue. Disconnecting mouse and keyboard doesn't help. At the end I have to switch of with the pn/off bottom because opening any menu whil close immediately again. Still no fix.


maybe this is more basic PS2Controller kext problem ..

did you try to do updates?


Keyboard and mouse are wireless. I don't see how a PS2Controller can be the issue? There isn't even a PS2Controller-entry in the hardware or software configuration


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I Don't think you need to do that quite yet.

You may have a simple problem where the wire spring has jumped out of its slot. Look at this picture below. Note the two clips just in the corner of where the space bar sits. within the space bar a wire spring needs to sit within these clips. Go to this site for more info on popping the key caps off to reseat the wire LapTopKey.Com.

Block Image

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In that case, it sounds like something got inside of the keyboard (staple or metal shard) which is sorting across the key contacts. Try taking it off and then spraying between the keys with can'ed air. If that fails, it's time for a new keyboard.


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