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Water damage to MacBook Pro 15 (A1286)

Hi, I am looking to repair a Macbook 15 (A1286), which had water damage. The issue is with display. The computer boots up, but the screen displays as a series of vertical lines. It will display fairly normally when connected to an external monitor. Apple tested the machine, said that the logic board was ok (but wouldn't guarantee that it would stay that way i.e.. may slowly corrode over time). What parts would I need to make this machine operational again? Cheers Jennine

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"fairly normal" external display - anything other than normal hints at VGU (VGC) chip (logic board) damage. I would start with cleaning and replacing the data display cable (it's the least expensive and involved repair).

Good Luck.

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Try using contact cleaner on the connections to the LCD?

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I would take it to *apple* because they are the ones who made it. They could probably fix it. If you don't know where to find Apple, all you have to do is google their destination that is nearest to you at

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Mary liquid damage is not a covered "repair" under Apple's (or most other electronic) warranty and remember this is the DIY repair forum...


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