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Released June 2012 / Core i7 processor with Turbo Boost / Up to 1 GB GDDR5 Video RAM

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does anyone know a way to clean the fans

I opened up my computer to determine why it ran so hot, and I noticed that the fans were covered in dust. What is the best way to get it off.

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If you look closely at the fans you'll notice that there are 3 three screws and one connector on each fan to undo to remove the fans from the computer. Once the fan is removed just unscrew one little philips screw on the fan to open it and clean the inside with compressed air and isopropyl alcohol (use a Q-tip). Make sure to also clean the heatsink vents with compressed air.

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how easy is it to put the fan back together?


Very easy. Just clip the two fan parts together and screw the small philips screw back in place.


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To add to lemerise. Be sure to NOT let the fans spin up really fast when blowing them out with the compressed air. Very bad to do this. Can cause damage to the fan. Just place a finger on the fans to hold them in place while you blow them out.

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I also use a soft brush to scrub the blades & logic board as the dust & dirt can be tough to just blow off. Also, make sure to use can'ed air Vs compressed air from a compressor. Some compressors buildup a static charge which could zap your circuit board when you touch the nozzle at the same time.


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