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The Nintendo DSi is the third iteration in the Nintendo DS line, and made its debut in Japan in late 2008.

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My DSi will not turn on or charge

First, i dont want to hear anyone tell me to call nintendo.. second the battery is not the problem so forget about that.. third i disassembled it the other day to fix a seperate problem and when i turned it back on it wouldnt work.. an orange light blinks when i charge it and then i press the power button with the charger in and the blue light turns on for a second but the screens dont do anything. It is completely unresponsive when it isn't plugged in too

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It's the fuse on the power board,

When you take the battery out and then the bottom cover, you will see that the power button, up, down, left, right arrow button is on a seperate board which the power light is connected to.

The fuse on it will have blown.

You could buy a new fuse and fit it, or if you look on ebay they sell the power boards for anything between £3 and £6.

To remove the power board undo the 5 small screws it's held in by, unclip the red and black wire that go from it to the motherboard, then prize up the small ribbon clip on the motherboard and the ribbon will come out,

Hope that helps,


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chang the batrreuy

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