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13" aluminum unibody, 2.0 or 2.4 GHz Core 2 Duo processor.

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Will not hold a charge or turn on without being plugged in?

I have a late 2008 model Macbook that has been working fine until a few months ago when the battery life started lessening over time until it finally would die unless it was plugged in at all times. At that point I just always used it while plugged in and then the charger stopped working. Since this incident I purchased a new battery and a new charger and It will now turn on while plugged in and will say it has charged but will die when it is on and unplugged, and once it is off again it not start up until plugged in. So that tells me the issue was not with the battery and charger. Which parts need to be replaced to fix this issue?

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Did you try a SMC reset ?


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Please download and run Coconut battery to get a much better idea of what's going on and let us know your results.

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My girlfriend had a HP laptop with the same issues. What I determined happend was she had a bad habbit of walking around with it, while it was plugged in and not supporting the plug. The power supply plug, eventually broke a wire, so it would power the computer, but becuase the battery never received a charge it died. Replaced teh battery, same issue until i discoverd the issue was the power supply. I rebuilt it. Now in your case you've replaced both, leading me to beleive same scenario has occured, only the problem is with the jack in the side of your computer. probably got jared hard enough at one point that may have broke a solder joint.

One other thing you might consider is replacing the cmos battery (looks like a watch battery)

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