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Model M7572 / 400 or 500 MHz G3 processor

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My PowerBook Pismo won't boot with hard drive plugged in?


My Pismo won't boot with the hard drive plugged in to the motherboard.

Unplug it and I can boot to a question mark or to a OS CD. Plug it back in and all it will do is boot to a gray screen

I have tried many hard drives and bought a new hard drive cable. I have also tried unplugging the pram battery, all kinds of charging techniques and resetting everything in open firmware. Nothing helps. Any ideas?

Thanks for your time,


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Are you able to connect the HD externally via a firewire case & cable? If you can try reformatting it and installing a fresh copy of the OS. Before installing internally make sure it boots up externally.

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I haven't tried that because I have tried many apple branded drives and with any of them plugged in the powerbook won't go past a gray screen. I thought for sure it would be a bad hard drive cable and bought one but that didn' t help.


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