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My laptop is charging, but it won't come on.

Two days ago, a bottle of coke spilled inside my backpack and got into my laptop. At first, it wouldn't charge or do anything. I put it in rice for a few days, and now it is showing that the battery is charging (the green light on the plug is shining). Does this mean anything good/bad like that the motherboard works, the battery is fine, etc...?

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not being a Mac person, the only advise I can give you right now, is to not try any further to start your MBA. This could cause further damage. Remove the battery and all power components. Remove as many components as possible using the Step-by-step guides. Clean every thing very carefully with 90%+ isopropyl alcohol. Do not forget the connectors and cables ends. If you do not clean it properly, you are running risks of having corrosion damage to your motherboard. Once you have it cleaned, reassemble and re-evaluate for specific errors. Check this post as well Liquid damage, battery charging as normal but won't switch on..


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Your charging circuit is good (you already knew that). There are many other parts/circuits inside a laptop that must also be good in order for it to function. If you did not open and clean the laptop (sounds to me as though you didn't) there could still be moisture inside, or sugars shorting contacts on the logic board.

I've edited your tags on the right to include two that will offer more insight into why your laptop won't boot and steps you'll need to take to "possibly" resurrect it. Study them for steps solutions.

If you intend to DIY you'll have to open and examine the inside, you'll want to be certain it's dry inside (BTW do not blow air on/at it-that only moves the wet around to where it's dry) clean and examine the RAM and the keyboard to determine if they are the damaged parts (If you're fortunate perhaps only the top case [power button] was damaged). As you do that examine what you can see of the board with a magnifying glass. If you see burn marks or corroded traces/components you'll need to replace the logic board (cleaning can't repair a damaged component).

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