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Error for Disk repair:the underlying task reported failure on exit

iMac powers up with normal startup Chime-then gray screen with apple logo and rotating Cursor-then fan gets louder. Booted apple install disk.can't find hard drive. Disk Utility verify says the volume Mac Hd needs to be repaired. Try to repair, get message: the underlying task reported failure on exit. iMac does boot up sometimes after repeated try's.

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I would hook up an external hard drive and back up my user data ASAP. It sounds like your hard drive is failing. Try starting in "Safe" mode by holding down the "shift" key on start up. If this works, get your data. Next try starting up with the original system installation disk and hold the "D" key down and run diagnostics. Let me know and we'll go from there.

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After many attempts,the HD was seen by Disk repair.I verified permissions which needed repair-repaired. Also ran disk repair.Computer now boots with gray scrn,Black scrn,Gray scrn and small "?",then small System icon,then Gray scrn with Apple logo and rotating Cursor and finally boots up ok. Backed up all Data.Working for 5 days so Far


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