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Repair guides for Android cell phones manufactured by HTC.

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Screen goes black (no backlight) when making/receiving a call

Need some help here. I replaced the broken digitizer on my fiance's HTC Radar. Got everything back together and the phone works perfectly until you try to make/receive a call. Any time a call is made/received, the screen goes black (no backlight or anything) until the call is ended, then everything comes back. I've tested everything else and it is fully functional besides this. Anyone else ever have this happen or have any suggestions on how to trouble shoot it? Thanks!

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try removing any screen protector, or cutting a hole over where the prox sensor is.

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+ also check your prox sensor flex, might be possible that you have a small tear in it etc...


That was my plan next, but I wanted to avoid taking the phone apart again if at all possible.


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That sounds like a software issue more than a hardware. I would look into the settings and see if there is something that makes the screen deactivate during calls (Possibly to reduce hanging up with your cheek or something) I will look around and see if I can find out anything else.

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After doing some digging it seems to be a function of the phone to do that passively. It turns off the screen due to a Proximity Sensor, some users try to bypass it by tricking the sensor, others say they just press a button to bring the screen back or utilize the speaker feature. Also some users had issues using a screen protector as it sometimes messes with the sensor as well.


First off, thanks for the quick response! I didn't find anything in the settings of the phone and I checked the sensor and cleaned it, all to no avail. Also, I am not even able to bring the screen back manually during a call. Hitting the on/off or main screen buttons do nothing. The only way I have found to bring the screen back is for the other person to end the call. It seems like resetting the phone to its factory settings might be one of my last options, no?


Try that if you have no relevant information you want to save. Also I would try looking around the sensor and see if there is anything that doesn't look right. Also you should google your problem, there is tons of forums with good information about it. From what I seen it seems to be a pretty common issue. =)


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