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Model A1320 / 8 or 16 GB capacity

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How do I fix my gen 5 chromatic from water damage?

It was washed and now the screen glows white only when charged or plugged in and it still holds music and links to the computer but doesnt hold a charge and the screen is shot.

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The iPod needs to come apart for cleaning. As a heads up, you'll also need to order a battery since removal is destructive on these iPods. Follow this for additional guidance: Electronics Water Damage

The guide for battery removal can be found here and the display guide can be found here as well.

iPod Nano 5th Generation Battery Afbeelding


iPod Nano 5th Generation Battery Replacement


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2 - 3 hours

iPod Nano 5th Generation Display Afbeelding


iPod Nano 5th Generation Display Replacement



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Here is the teardown guide. Pay particular attention to item ten. Ralph

iPod Nano 5th Generation Teardown


I meant to say step 10. Ralph


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