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Syncmaster T190 Screen darker at the top


I have a problem with my Samsung T190 monitor: one day i turned it on and it was just darker in half upper screen.

I noticed a burning smell at the top rear of the device too.

Making some web search I found that my CCFL lamp should be burned.

What do you think it can be? If it is CCFL, do you have any video on how replacing it in a samsung monitor?

Thank you.

João Paulo

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jpgaribaldi, it is possible that it is the CCFL but there is also the possibility that it is your inverter circuit that has failed. There are a few transformers on your power board that drive the CCFL, one of them may have failed. I suggest you disassemble your monitor and take a good luck at the power board. For the 191T the inverter board is Samsung BN44-00041A Backlight Inverter. CCFL's are also available and are not that expensive, but we would need to know your LCD panel model number. Again, for that you would have to disassemble your monitor.

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