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Panel from late-2008 MBP in mid-2012? Will it fit?


I bought one of the first unibody MBPs back in 2008 - the 15" model it was serving me well until December last year when I decided it's time for an upgrade. I got the mid-2012 standard resolution MBP 15" with upgraded spec.

I've noticed right away that the 2012 model's screen is:

- not as bright as 2008 model

- have worse colours (too warm); and yes I tried calibrating, no luck really

- text is less sharp then in 2008 model

Honestly, with both of them standing next to each other, the 2012 looks like a joke.

I made some research and it seems like 2008 screen (panel model) was LG LP154WP3-TLA1 and the 2012 one is LTN154BT08. I've found numerous sources on-line who still sell the LG LP154WP3-TLA1 panels relatively cheap (<$100).

I was wondering whether anyone know whether that panel will fit the mid-2012 model, given both are unibody ones and look exactly the same? What I'm thinking is getting my old 2008 panel out and swapping it with my new laptop. However before I get onto disassembling stuff, just wanted to check whether someone has done similar things or can advice.

So, any advice much appreciated!


Thank you very much - this's exactly what I was after. Somehow, Google missed those URLs when I was searching for them.

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Looks like most of the panels is identical, some of the color values are different. the interfaces are identically. Check both data sheets hereand from here The differences may be what you are experiencing :-) connectors appear to be identical as well.

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