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I want to replace lid on my MacBook (clam shell?)

I have a late 2008 MacBook Pro model MB985LL/A...what I need to order to replace just the top lid (on the back of the video screen). Is it hard?

How much is the part?

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This should still be under warranty


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Yes, that is a very difficult replacement. You will have to completely disassemble the display assembly in order to replace the rear bezel. Unfortunately, we have not made a display take-apart guide for that laptop yet and we do not have the rear display bezel in stock at this time.

If you want to replace the rear bezel for purely cosmetic reasons, then I would not recommend doing the repair. In my opinion, the risk of breaking one of the parts in the display (specifically the glass) outweigh the cosmetic benefit of a new rear display bezel. Just my two cents. Hope that helps you!

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