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How can I fix the console not accepting power?

the power brick accepts power but when it is plugged into the console it will not take power. when pressing the power button it does not register all.

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ispeero, what power brick do you have? There are a few different ones. you do want to check the power brick with a multimeter and see what output you have.


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What color is the light on the brick when it is plugged into power and when the xbox is plugged into it? You may have a bad power brick.

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the color on the brick is red


A red light on the power brick means that either it is pulling too much current, the incoming voltage is too high, or the temperature is too high. Microsoft recommends that you do not connect it to a surge strip, but instead connect it directly to a wall outlet. First, try connecting it to a different outlet, preferably one on a different circuit (another room or another floor in the house, if possible). If you still have the red light, leave it unplugged from the outlet for 30 minutes to let it cool, then try again. If it still doesn't work, you probably have a faulty power supply. Here's a link to the troubleshooting page that Microsoft has for this issue:


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