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Model A1286. Released February 2011 / 2.0, 2.2, or 2.3 GHz Quad-core Intel Core i7 Processor

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Liquid Damage & will not power up

I was given a this 2011 MacBook Pro 15" as a gift / project from a very close friend.

The current status of the unit is that when it is plugged in you can see that the battery is taking a charge.. the light on the lower right lights up and you can hear the SuperDrive make a little noise for a few seconds. When the power button is pressed nothing happens.

This is what happened. My friend had spilled coffee on the device over a year ago. I was not there so I dont know the exact details so I am going of of what he stated. He advised me that the moment it happened he removed the magsafe adapter. Sense this does have the battery that is not easily removed he was not able to do that.. he did attempt to dump all the liquid out of the device. He then did not attempt to power the unit on for about a week. He stated that he plugged the Macbook in and it did nothing so he figured it was dead. As he didnt want to deal with it and Apple advised him the cost would be close to 1500 he didnt feel it was worth the repair.

I have the iFixit tool kit comming so I can do more then just open the bottom with the precision screwdriver I have.

I do have an average understanding of things but please keep it simple.. I do not have a mulitmeter but can get one if that is deemed needed.. Photos of where to look work best for me as I am a more visual learner.. I would like to get this fixed on the cheap and hoping its just the power button requiring a top case replacement..

However if its a logic board issue I have found a company on ebay that I might use.. I am a little worried when having to send off the macbook to a company I dont know.. so if you have used one and found them to be great work and fair priced *under $300* then let me know.

I thank everyone for their advice and hope that with the use of this site and everyone's help that I can get this unit up and running as I have always wanted a macbook pro just couldnt quantify the costs.

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So... with my limited knowldge I figured i would check a few things out with the bottom of the Macbook Pro open.. I started to get a head start on removal of things by using the #00 Phillips screwdriver I had and a few small plastic spudgers or however its spelled.. TO my shock and surprise as soon as I removed the keyboard ribbon the Macbook chimed.. I carefullly flipped the unit over and opened the lid to see the Apple Logo and VWOLA the system fully booted up...

A local parts store has just the keyboard OME NEW in stock for a simple $40 plus tax.. I am going to run down and get that today and once i get the Pro Tool Kit i ordered from iFixit I will remove the rest of the items and replace just the keyboard.. quick easy and cheap fix for a very LOADED Macbook PRO..


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Most of these that I have repaired from spills require a topcase replacement. It's about a $300 part new. The logic board is pretty well protected from keyboard spills. I'd open it up and look for any evidence that the coffee got to the logic board.

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Once i get the tool kit from iFixit I will take a closer look but looking at the bottom of the board with the bottom cover off I dont see any signs of the coffee making it into the case. I am trying to locate the LSI's but either they are smaller then I expect or well hidden I have not been able to locate one to verify internal liquid damage..

Is there a way I can test the system. I have been reading about people doing some form of jumping pins and getting the system to boot up.. I wonder if this can be done to verify the top case replacement is needed. If this will help me verify its not the logic board, can someone point me in the proper direction on how to do this properly?


The LSI are small white dots. If they get wet they turn red and are very easy to spot.


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