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13" aluminum unibody, 2.0 or 2.4 GHz Core 2 Duo processor.

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Screen Issues, Fades to white , got freeze and shows lines

I bought this damage macbook, it has a screen issue, it shows multicolor lines and sometimes it gets freeze and fades to white, i went to a authorized retailer to see how i can fix it.. they told me i need to buy the whole display with a cost of 900 dollars.. its too expensive.. i made a research to figure out whats going on.. but i have a lot of doubts, to avoid the total replacement of the display, i can replace the LCD or the LVDS cable, there is no problem with the logic board.... i've done the following...

-I connected the macbook to an external monitor.. and it worked fine.

-I took screenshots to the macbook's desktop and everything its ok .. the picture looks nice without lines or distorsions..

- I took a video of the desktop and everthing its ok.. the video was great.. without lines or distorsions.

my dout is... what do i need to replace in my macbook to fix the issue????

The LCD or the LVDS cable.. i dont know what to do...

I guess that probably.. its a LCD problem and i just need to replace the lcd.. because all the tests i did.. but i dont know.. i hope you can help me.. thanks..

i attached the screenshots and the video i took

sorry for my english im not an english speaker...






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if you say that on external monitor it is ok, i assume that graphic chip is okay. I would go for the LVDS cable first since it is a lot cheaper, however, taking the display apart is a tough job - but if it is a bad LCD panel you have to take it apart too to replace it (if you buy just LCD panel and not the whole display assembly)

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The problem is likely the LCD panel. If you bang the display you can dislodge the driver chips or flex-circuit from the glass panel. These cause the screen to have odd colors or bands of black or white.

El problema es probable el panel de LCD. Si usted golpea la demostración usted puede desalojar las patatas fritas de chofer o el doblar-recorrido del panel de cristal. Éstos hacen que la pantalla tenga colores raros o cintas de negro o blanco.

If an external display works then you know the LCD display is damaged and will need replacing. It would be wise to also replace the LVDS cable at the same time.

Si una demostración externa trabaja entonces usted sabe que la demostración de LCD es dañada y necesitará la sustitución. Sería sabio sustituir también el cable de LVDS al mismo tiempo.

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Hola! Yo tengo el mismo problema.

Pudiste arreglarlo?

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Hello! I have the same problem.

Could you fix it?


El problema es probable que el panel LCD. Si golpeas la pantalla se puede desalojar a los chips de controlador o de circuito flexible desde el panel de vidrio. Estos hacer que la pantalla tiene colores o bandas de negro o blanco impares.

Si un monitor externo funciona, entonces usted sabe la pantalla LCD está dañado y necesita ser repuesto. Sería aconsejable sustituir también el cable LVDS al mismo tiempo.

El truco del dedo no funciona muy bien.


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Use your right finger to pull the screen right top edge towards you and use left finger and push the left top edge further from you.

Do not over pull or push.

Perform this a couple of times and it has solve my problem permanently.

If it does not work, do the other way around. Right edge further from you and left edge towards you.

My display is slowly fading to white. Why?

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