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Model A1297 Unibody: Early 2009, Mid 2009, Mid 2010, Early 2011 & Late 2011

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My left Palm Sensor is broken can I disable it?

The left palm sensor on my macbook pro has broken now im not to fussed that its gone but what i am fussed about is the three cores its using because my mac thinks its over heating is there any way for me to disable this sensor or fix it i have a good knowledge of computer repairs but this sensor is hiding from me! could somebody please help me get around this!

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Macbook Pro 17" Core i7 4GB DDR3 1066mHz Mountain Lion

Edit: My fans still spin at full speed but if you follow the steps in this post you can get Kernel_Task to disappear and have 100% of your speed back just like ti was supposed to be!

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Try resetting the SMC and PRAM on this thing. It might help you

To to the PRAM, shut the computer down press the Command, Cption P and R keys all at the same time then turn the computer on. From this point it eill restart and bong again. I would do this 2-3 times to make sure it sticks. Once it's done let the keys go.

To reset the SMC, follow this from Apple. If this doesn't work it's a sensor issue. You'll need to do surgery on the laptop. I'd go to a Apple store and get ASD run on it to see what it needs to fix the problem. Apple doesn't exactly give ASD out but people do find it. I don't want to link to a source I know has it because Apple will probably send a team of lawyers after me :-(

If it's a fan sensor just use SMCFanControl until you can get the part replaced.

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I have tried all your listed methods no software programme will throttle down my fans! is there a kext i can edit to force them down?


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Just replace touchpad :)

The sensor is on the backside of it.

Look here Where is the left palm rest temp sensor?

Good luck!

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