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Just joined here. How do I see answers to my question?

Just joined here .... how do I see / read any answers to my question ? Will I get an email ? Do I have to sign in each day and look somewhere ?

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Eric, the answers will be right here. So, you will have to come back to check. The great part about the Answer section, that is the one we are on right now, is that anybody can look at it. Your answers are to your individual questions, but someone else may have the same question/problem and can find out how to resolve it on here. We try to stay away from the "me too" philosophy of other forums. Everyone should ask their own question and not just post it as an answer. Everyone can comment to an answer, but do not post it as an answer. If an answer is helpful, use the arrow up at that persons avatar. The person will be rewarded with 12 points (no, sorry no money and no free trips, just points). If an answer is very wrong, malicious or otherwise offending, you can click the arrow down, it will deduct points from that person. This should really only be done if absolutely necessary. If an answer resolved your problem, you can click "actions" and accept the answer. The person will get a 30 point reward....:-) Here is a bit more information, and welcome to ifixit. Hope this helps, good luck.

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Sorry to comment on an old question, but how will you know where to look for this answer, to learn where to look for your others?


@xxjdooksxx2 ,

When you log in and are on the main Answer page, click on "Subscribed" to view all questions and answers that you have "subscribed" to i.e. either answered or asked.

Or click on your user icon > notifications > Activity


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