Are there two logic boards for the same EMC 2104 iMac?

Everywhere I look I come across the logic board that is pictured in ifixit's repair manual. Including the replacement I ordered.

BUT... once I opened my iMac mine is different. So I can not do a swap with the one I ordered because some of (if not all) the cables will be to short or in different spots.

My logic board does not have the "u" shaped cutout at the top. The pram battery is in a different location. The SATA connector is in the middle right of the logic board instead of the far left and the list goes on.

All the numbers match ifixit's repair manual (A1173, EMC 2104, 1.83mhz, Early 2006 MA199LL).

Any ideas?



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Did you check the serial number lookup to double check if you have the system you think you have? Apple does sometimes (rarely done) revs a board just before changing the model as they have issues with supply of some of the components they need for the next model (call it a half step). You can also check the logic board info tags for clues. Let us know what you find out.


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