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Model A1236 / 4 or 8 GB capacity

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causes laptop to shutdown when connected

when my daughter connects the iPod to her laptop it forces the computer to shut down and restart. when she connects it to my laptop it works fine. she has a dell laptop, i have an IBM laptop. my son also has a dell and my daughter encounters the same situation using his computer. any ideas?

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I noticed you never got an answer to this. Are you still having this problem?


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You should

head over to the Apple Discussion Board for iPod Nano 3rd Gen. You'll need to create an Apple ID (you may have one from iTunes) to log in and see this thread there's information there about Windows stop messages, and others who have had this shut down/crashing issue.

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still havent received an answer. please understand it only happens on a dell computer and not an IBM. i have asked over at the dell site and the answers vary but no one actually addresses the problem. mostly it has been stated that i need to update "X" and everything is updated that can be updated from software to hardware to drivers. i'm thinking this is a design flaw in dell computers and one more reason for me to avoid them in the future.

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