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Model A1106 / 1280x854 screen resolution

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logic board and cpu replacement

Is the cpu of this computer part of the logic board? Does upgrading the logic board to 1.67 Ghz is equal to having more processor speed?

Morevoer I have seen there is another choice, the 128 Vram, can I choose this one too?

I have now a PowerBook with 1.5 Ghz and 64 Vram

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The CPU is integrated into the logic board, so it would be necessary to replace the entire logic board in order to upgrade.

If your machine has the model number A1106 (written in the small print on the bottom of the machine near the hinge), you can use any of the logic boards here.

Good luck!

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Do you mean that:

if I buy the 1.67 64 Vram I will have more processor speed and if I buy the 128 Vram I will also have more video performance?


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