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Dual Hard Drive & Mountain Lion Fusion Drive in MacBook Pro Possible?

I saw the guide on "Installing MacBook Pro 15" Unibody Mid 2012 Dual Hard Drive".

I was wondering, since we have dual hard drive capability now, is it possible that we replace it with a SSD and make the 2 hard drive into a Fusion Drive in MacBook Pro (like the latest iMac)?

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Yes it is possible:

If you would find managing the volumes separately difficult or cumbersome, this sounds like a very nice "Set it and forget it!" style option. However, because the fusion drive is a spanned volume you will have to sacrifice some reliability and will decrease the lifespan of your SSD.

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There is no reason that setting this up as a Fusion Drive will "decrease the lifespan of your SSD" as claimed. First, it will be written to just as often as if it were the only drive, less in fact, and second, the lifespans of modern SSDs are more than sufficient to last the life of the machine. Their early demise is a myth based on old technology.

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Just like cars its how you use them that makes a difference. A person driving from one side of the country to the other (i.e. on the road salesperson) will wear out a car quite quickly while someone just going a short distance to work every day won't. SSD's are no different here! Heavy use does wear them out (old or new technology). We do a lot of heavy I/O work and I can tell you we have worn them out. But, my home system still has one of the first gen. units and still working like a champ! So one can't make a general statement of fact here it has to do what you are doing with your system that defines the lifespan of the SSD.


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