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Came in a 20 GB and 30 GB model. 1st Generation model shown.

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stuck in recovery mode

i can't get my dell dj out of do you do that.before it went into recovery mode is would let me add any more songs to it.and it has more space on it.what can i do.

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FATISHA, if it goes right to recovery mode that could mean your device firmware is corrupted (could also be a bad hard drive, but start with the easy stuff first). Get the firmware from here, it also has the instructions on that site. If that does not work, you can format your player inside Windows Media Player, that should reset the firmware as well. Do not use any other program i.e. "My Computer" to reformat it. that will not restore the firmware.

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this is FATISHA how do i do that restore firmware with windows media player. for my dell dj.


click on the "Installation Instructions" tab of the link in the original answer. It opens up and explains how to do it.


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