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A 7.2 megapixel digital camera released by Casio in 2006.

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Asks for Date & Time at Start-up

My Camera is 5 years old, and i haven't used it for some month. Now at every start-up it asks for time and date. i let it run for some hours, because i thought, it might have a internal battery or capacitor. But the the problem still exists.

Does anybody know, if there is a battery or capacitor, that I can change or does anybody have another idea to make my camera memorizing the settings when shutting down?

Thanky a lot!

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john, this camera does not have a separate battery for the clock. The date and time will reset whenever the camera is not supplied power by the battery and/or the USB cradle for about 30 hours. Just in case you do not have it already, get the user manual from here.Page 192/193 gives the directions. You could also try to reset the camera to factory default by:

1. Press Menu

2. On the Set Up tab, select Reset and then press arrow arrow right.

3. Use arrow up or arrow down to select Reset and the press [Set].

Hope this helps, good luck.

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Thank you! I tried the reset-option, but there is still the language setting screen when I turn on the camera.

In the manual, chapter "troubleshooting", the problem is described, too. They also suggest to reset the options. But since the problem still exists, it seems to be a problem with the "camera's built-in memory management area". So I should contact my retailer or the service center.

Do you have any idea what I can do, or how can I fix the built-in memory?



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