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iPod Classic 6th Generation. Model A1238 / 80, 120, or 160 GB hard drive / black or silver metal front

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Why doesn't iTunes recognize my iPod?

hello, every time I put my iPod into my computer it never shows up on iTunes, but it shows up on my computer folder.

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The IPOD may be Obsolete in Apple's eyes and will not be recognized by CURRENT iTunes software. Happened to me today--- My great IPOD Click Wheel is old but was working great. If i had not been updating my iTunes -- it would still work. Now it is a paperweight.


@ceej at the time this question was asked, the iPod Classic series was only about 2 years old. So not likely that Apple considered it quite obsolete yet.

I use a 3rd gen Apple iPod and use an old version iTunes without any difficulties.


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Here's the Apple troubleshooting guide for this problem for Windows users:

And for Mac users:

Good luck!

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What version of iTunes do you have? You may need to update to the latest version, that could solve your problem.

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