What are the voltage readings on the iPad 2 Battery?

Hi guys,

This might sound like a dumb question but here goes..

I unsuccesfully tried removing the iPad2 battery and broke one of the 3 batteries off. I ordered a new battery and now the i Pad wont boot up at all.(I did try to charge it for some time)

I measured the possitive and negative outputs leading to the logic board and on the one I broke and I got a reading of exactly 3.8 Volts for 2 of the pins and 1.3V on the other. Yet on the new ones I'm only getting 0.5V on 2 of the pins and the 1.3V on the one closest to the +.Just wondering if the V doesn't increase once turned on.

It would realy help if I knew what the output on the connectors to the logic board are supposed to be.

Thank you in advance.

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