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Origineel bericht door: Travis Gant ,


I had this issue with my iMac about a year and half ago. The machine wasn't covered under Apple Care, but I figured I'd contact support to see if it was a factory defect. After a few calls back and forth with phone support, they asked me to bring it to one of the local service centers to have a technician inspect the display.

Ultimately, I was told that the display does in fact suffer from a manufacturing defect. The casing of the display itself isn't properly sealed. If moisture is able to get in, the minerals within the moisture become "stuck" between the multiple layers of the LCD.

Apple decided to replace the display at no charge, despite the fact that the machine was not covered under Apple Care. I was told that the original defect had been resolved, and the new display would not suffer from the same issue.

Unfortunately, a few months later, the dark spots started to appear again. Luckily, I moved soon after and the machine is kept in an area with significantly less ambient moisture. For now, everything seems to be stable, as the dark spots haven't gotten any worse over the past year or so.