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Origineel bericht door: John ,


One answer I have not seen and definitely was my problem was the memory was full.

I took a bunch of pictures at a party. After leaving I noticed my home button was no longer working, and when I plugged the phone in to charge I would not get a charging icon on the phone and the phone would keep turning itself off. But it DID charge, it just took forever.

About a week later just using the phone without the home button. It worked on everything I just had to turn the phone all the way off to get out of any app..

Well, I went to take another picture and it finally said that it couldnt as it was out of memory for more pics, so I deleted a bunch. INSTANTLY my home button started working again and charging was normal.

Hope this helps someone as frustrated as I was. I saw NO ERRORS about memory being low until I tried to take another picture.