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Origineel bericht door: Eric Weigand ,


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I'd be thrilled if someone could post some sort of guide on sourcing a LCD that WILL work for the mod.  I'm confident in my soldering skills and I have swapped parts around on things in the past in a similar fashion.  What I'm having trouble getting to the bottom of is what LCDs will make suitable replacements for the chip swap to even work.

I just put a new 2TB drive in my Core Duo for barely over $100, and I have a C2D processor chip on the way for $10.  I'm working hard to get some new life into my machine.  It works great with my 37" 1080p monitor, but I'd really like to get have a 2 screen set-up again.

So far, I've been told specifically that the 875-2052-x DDC' panels are not a candidate because they are the wrong type.

'''How do we find ones that will work?  What other machine models would be suitable donors, or where to find other makes/models that are compatible?''' A list or guide would help everybody, whether they swap chips or buy the convenient convertor kit.