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asle, sorry to butt in. May be this will help "OK for all the people with no backlight on a macbook pro 15" unibody.

first of all thanks to the man with the schematic....

I take it you have checked the flurecent and inverter allready and both are ok.

on the logic board there is a fuse that supply's the voltage/ currant to the backlight circuit...its F9800.Its located on the board near the botom of the left fan on the component side of the board.(same side that has the cpu and gpu on it).

the fuse is a smd and its white with just a dot on it.get your multimeter and if its open circuit thats you problem." and "On the 13 MBP it is actually on the other side of the board from the CPU and GPU which makes it very convenient to check. It is a 2A fuse in an 0402 package so it is tiny." Check on here for further information.  the schematics they are talking about is on here Hope this helps, good luck