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Origineel bericht door: Alex Vanderveen ,


Camera won't work after digitizer/lcd replacement


I replaced the digitizer/lcd and back panel with a new color mod.  I have an issue with the antenna I believe.  I think it is either weak or not working, cause I get no signal in my house.  Yet to test it out outside, and yet to try the soldering trick to bypass the resistor I saw online.

Sorry, rant, main problem now:

Camera doesn't open.  I have made sure to put the gold connector pin back on top of the logic board, under the screw, and it is hooked up properly.  I suppose I need to try cleaning the connector still but I doubt that will fix it.  I will try and post results.  Any other ideas on how to fix camera?  Aside from full camera replacement...  I'm cheap :P

PS  Rear camera


iPhone 4S