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Origineel bericht door: Buster Fichera ,


Have this unit and has been a good unit till last night.  I can turn the unit on, all lights work, fan seems to be working, but it is sounding very strange.  Last night sparks started flying out of the side vents.  Upon opening the unit, you could smell something was burning.  Obvously it is not working.  I assume it is either the magnitron or the transformer.  Is there any way to tell?  It looks like I can replace both parts for about $120 or I can purchase a similar unit for $350.  The problem is the new units are larger and will require some modification of the space in the kitchen.  Should I:

A).  Take it to a service repari shop and see what they would charge to fix it?

B).  Order the parts and replace them myself, but from reading above that looks dangerous

C). Throw the damed thing away and cut my losses?