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Origineel bericht door: Miroslav Djuric ,


I actually wrote an article called "Spills that Kill." You can read the full text [link||here].
Excerpt from the article:

"Here’s a few tips in case a spill ever happens to you, whether it’s on a laptop any other electronic product:

* Don’t panic. Panic just complicates things.
* Remove power to your device as fast and soon as possible. If that means not saving your blog post, so be it. You can always view the auto-save, but there’s no auto-save function for your logic board.
* Shake out any liquid as soon as the device is turned off.
* Let the device dry in a manner that is conducive to getting the liquid out. If it’s a laptop, place it upside-down on a counter and let it relax for a day or two.
* Possibly disassemble parts of the device to verify that it’s dry, and/or to use a hair dryer to finish the job.
* Cross your fingers, and turn the device on."