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Origineel bericht door: Marc ,



You will need to purchase a mid frame gasket bezel and an adhesive pack for your iPod. The home button gets installed between the digitizer glass and the metal plate with the home button switch/ribbon cable. You can carefully remove the ribbon cable and install it aligning the holes in the ribbon with the holes in the metal plate. Peel the clear/brown capton tape carefully as you will re-use it and use an exacto knife or razor and carefully slide it under the ribbon, avoid cutting the cable itself rather slide it under to free the cable and button. There should be enough adhesive left on it to stick it in place and then re-use the capton tape to secure it in place. Then install the adhesive pack to the fram and peel the top layer of paper off of the 2 sided tape. Align your new digitizer glass with the home button in place under it. (This takes some patience) Pull the digi ribbon through the frame and stick the glass down. Peel the protective plastick off from the underneath of the digi glass and plug it into the logic board. At this point I test the iPod and touch screen out by powering it on and sliding it open. Then power it off if it checks out, begin by snapping in one corner and carefully, slowly work your way around it snapping the frame into the clips on the back. All of this takes time which is why I buy the front panel assemblies rather than just the digi glass. Good luck and please let us know how you do!