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Applies to any electronic device:

De-power as soon as possible

Disassemble as soon and as much as possible

wash with Alcohol, rubbing alcohol, denatured alcohol, or surgical spirit is best. Even Dunking completely is ok

Alcohol will not do damage, and because it is Hygroscopic, it absorbs any residual waters from the flooded item, then all that remains is to allow the residual alcohol to also dry out. Keep in mind capillary action can keep the liquid under SMC's for some time, so some time for drying out is recommended. Dont add heat!

If the flooded item was drenched in Coffee, Soda, fruit juices, you may as well re-flood the disassembled components with fresh water before the alcohol, as you need to also remove sugars, acids, and whatever else may be contained therein

Sorry, same applied for Vodka, Brandy, Scotch etc, they are not pure enough alcohol, heh