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Origineel bericht door: Phillip Takahashi ,


Your easiest course of action is to check your fuses. They can be found next to the driver's door jam under the dash. The lid should have a diagram of which fuse is which. Find your dome light fuse, remove it, and inspect it to see if it's blown. Simply replace if it's no good!

If the fuse is ok, my next step would be the bulb itself. You should be able to lever the dome light cover off with a flat blade screw driver. There should be a notch somewhere around the cover that marks a prying point. Remove the cover and see if the light looks burnt. If you remove it, gently shake it. If you can hear rattling the bulb is definitely toast. Taking the bulb to an automotive store and you should be able to find a bulb no problem.

If neither your fuse or bulb are blown things are going to get a bit more difficult. These are the easiest and most likely fixes. Let us know what you find. and good luck!